Have you already warmed up well? Ready for high grades and challenging elements? Then we will add a bit of spark to your performance.

Even if you are just starting in rhythmic gymnastics, we will add comfort and pleasure on the way to your first split.
Quality and Comfort
We know how exciting every child's endeavour is for you and how responsible you feel for their sport career.

Clothes and accessories from PrimaRG make your life easier, help gymnast's workouts to be comfortable and safe and performances are bright and unique.
Reach Your Goal
Gymnastics is a difficult and challenging sport. For the audience, a successful performance looks light and easy. Only you know what a colossal daily amount of work it is.

However, with beautiful, high-quality and comfortable clothing from PrimaRG, each training session will bring you closer to your goal and it will be easier to reach for the stars.
Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our clients
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